30 May 2009

You have a wild streak! But you can keep it hidden when necessary. In fact, as a middle child, you have a changeable nature and wear many different hats. Your favorite role is that of the sultry little sister, and when you’re playing this role there are few men who can resist you. You also have a bossy, domineering side that can get you ahead in business if you work as a supervisor, director or manager. But beware of being too bossy with your friends, especially males. Your best romantic match is an older brother of sisters, or another middleborn who has at least one younger sister close in age to him. With boys who have older sisters, you can party and play games, but you’ll miss the kind of romantic take-charge dynamic that’s so important for your happiness. You have the same birth order as Britney Spears. Your best celebrity love match is Tom Cruise.

For a middle child like me who had an older brother... Take notes please. Why Tom Cruise dlm byk2 org? Too old la ;p

p/s: This blog is still new and I still have lots to do. E.g; Provide the comment section. Kene blaja nie.. Bkn main copy and paste jek ^_^

Friend Zone

'A parting word, if I may, to those who guard the borders of Friendship: If a close friend tells you that he or she has special tingly feelings for you, take a moment to consider the statement before rejecting the visa application. Consider what it took, how much of an emotional buildup went into that declaration. Think about the courage that needed to be built up in order to decide to formulate the words in his or her head, and how many times the person didn’t tell you, hoping the feelings would go away. Only when those words become so strong that they could not be contained did they become actual vocalized proclamation, the venturing forth onto an unsteady emotional limb and attempting to cross the border. So do these friends a favor. Don’t treat their announcement as a joke, even to allay tension that you feel. Don’t laugh. If you don’t feel the same way, that’s fine. Or at least it will be fine, eventually. But at least respect us enough, as the friends you say you want us to remain, consider the proposal—for a minute, or five—before you delete us.'

Source from: Esther D. Kustanowitz

Being in the friend zone always scared people out. Moreover, if you start fall head over heels for your friend... To cross the friendship line is like making a mistake because we often afraid we will lose the person then as a friend. I personally agree with what she wrote above... Fear of rejection, it always traumatized people. But the most important thing is to respect when someone confess that he/she likes you... They had gathered all courage or maybe can't sleep at all just to say the word 'I like you'. It is not so simple as that. You can reject her politely and still maintain the friendship as well... I got my own experience on this. Thanks to him because being truthful to me and we are still best friends up to now... My feeling for him? Gone with the wind..Haha... Fallen for a friend is a hardest thing for me as a normal human being. So does other people... Sp please, be clear and respect. It's not a hard thing to do :-)

Back to the square one

Referring to the title, if only I could!!!

I'm lazy as always although I love writing very much. Now I didn't write on diary anymore... As I stated before, I'm just so lazy ~~~ I have lots to say, lots to tell but well, I am that kind of person who's simply getting bored doing over the same things. Blogging could be much fun for me, because as I'd say I love writing. But when boredom take me away from it, I just can't say anthing.

I wish I always have passion and mood for writing. Sometimes I tend to lose it... Blame it on my dual personality (I'm Gemini, btw)... My mood can change any split second. I would always love to write about some personal stuffs but I guess I can't. Some things better keep to yourself... Do you people love to read about someone bragging about their personal life? Not many like it apparently. My English sucks at this level... That's what you called passive vocabulary. Sorry, just could not help it ;p

My mood is in a good state... If not, there will be no posting, no skin changing. Ooh, I'm just soooo lazy ^_^