18 Feb 2010

In Love Like This

What can I say is I'm really in love. Madly in love... Oops... Ini tiada kaitan dengan Valentine's day. I don't even celebrate it. Google tadi, this is one definition on love: To take delight or pleasure in; to have a strong liking or desire for, or interest in; to be pleased with; to like. Hehe.. Rajin tak? Siap google meaning lagi. Love is the sweetest feeling of all... It makes you wanna smile all the time. Betul tak?

Okay. Saya bukannya dilanda sindrom cinta or whatsoever... I spent my weekend with watching this anime. Think that I'm so lucky to stumble upon this really heart-warming anime... I know there's lot of people probably questioning why I really like anime. I just love it, not just into liking. It's weird for them (some of them) if a girl and at age like me to like anime up to now... You know sometimes it's hard to share your interest with other person. I don't mind if people don't like what I am into. After all, we human are different.

This anime titled Kimi ni Todoke (From me to you) literally translated as Reaching You. It's basically a love story. Bukan macam anime yang saya selalu tengok sebelum nie. Ada violance, blood, lawan sana sini... My favourite one yang ade fighting, mighty powers but contains important messages, that only love strengthen us all. This one totally catch my heart. Not because it's a love story. But it's about starting a friendship and developing feeling towards other person. It's not as instant liking... You went into some process into liking others. It's really a sweet anime for me... Thus I fell in love with the character, the male character.

Sharing a light moment together.. How sweet :)

The male character, Shouta Kazehaya... Described as a really nice guy, everybody like him.
I like him too.... hehehe (^_^)

The lead characters... Shouta and Sawako

Tak sabar nak tunggu episod seterusnya. Sekarang dah episod 19... Tak tau berapa episod keseluruhan. Err.. Saya telah habis menonton anime ni sebanyak 18 episod dalam masa sehari. Sehari, bukan dalam tempoh 24 jam okay. Hebat tak? Hahaha.. Kalau dah addicted memang macam nilah jadinya. Just cannot wait part bila akhirnya si Shouta ni confess perasaan sebenarnya pada Sawako. I think this is how a relationship between woman and man should be build... Slowly begin with a friendship. Rushing into things will get you nowhere... Taking time to know each other well. Enjoying each moments that you had treasured together. That would be wonderful... Being a friend (close friend) will help you understand each other better. Watching this anime taught me about one thing... and let me keep that 'one thing' to myself. :)

p/s: I'm too addicted with this anime... Just can't help myself.


  1. sis, sonok ke? somehow, i always stumble upon it but it never triggered my interest...i love skip beat anime...try to watch it la sis..kelaka...saye sker lawak2 neh...

  2. Skip beat? Nanti akak carik. Best la sis... I really love it. Nway, konsert SuJu kat malaysia nnt awk pegi x?

  3. whoaa...sis layan anime ke sis? hahaha...comey2 je korg ckp sis2... ;)

  4. ahaks... bro faeiz nk join jugak ke? tp xleh pggl sis la... kena panggil bro.. hehehe (^_^)